Yes, This IS My Life

Kata Beach on a Sunday afternoon.

I thought about it this morning and realized that I’ve been living in Thailand for nearly 7 weeks.  The first 12 days were in Samui/in transit to Phuket and the first two weeks in Phuket were spent arranging job interviews and apartment-hunting.  This morning (20 days later), I lazily woke up, poured myself a bowl of Choco Crunch and sat in the living room watching Saturday Night Mysteries on HLN until Morgan woke up.

It’s official: I am living in Phuket, Thailand.

My second week as a kindergarten teacher was shorter than the first (Monday and Tuesday were holidays in honor of Thailand’s Royal Plowing Ceremony), but somehow still felt like it was a full week.  Thankfully, my students are getting adjusted to life at school: less crying, familiar with tracing, etc.  Pants-wetting frequency is about the same, but in time, that will improve.  They are all still pinch-worthy cute little kids; nonetheless, due to my inability to speak Thai, my students often find ‘better’ things to do during my lessons.  One little boy, Tonnam, decided to take the week’s ‘OMG!’ award:

Kassie: (Walking around the classroom, supervising tracing and coloring.  Sees little boy playing with something beneath the desk and walks up to him)  “Tonnam?  What are you doing?”

Tonnam: (No response, but looks up and then back down again)

Kassie: (Continues to walk closer) “Tonnam, is that a crayon?”

Tonnam: (No response.  Continues to play with hands beneath the desk)

Kassie: (Walks closer) “Tonnam, you have to use the crayon on the…OMG!”

…It wasn’t a crayon.  It was his penis.

Kids will be kids and butt-scratching and nose-picking are like breathing to the students in my classroom, but pulling your pants down and playing with your toddler penis when you’re supposed to be coloring the letter A is not ok.  I told him to put it away and handed him a blue crayon.

Outside of school, Morgan and I have done a lot of exploring in southern Phuket, but I’ve been trying to keep expenses to a minimum due to the fact that I have another 9 days to go until PAYDAY.  Still, we’ve managed to find a few treasures.

After Beach Bar: Technically, I started the weekend a little early with a Thursday mojito from a restaurant overlooking all of Kata Beach (check out my twitpic).  Best mojito I’ve had outside of Havana, Cuba!

Krachang Floating Restaurant: This place was way off the beaten tourist path and as such, nearly impossible to find.  About 45 minutes after what should have been a 15-minute trip, we found it and went from scooter to longtail boat on the final leg of our journey.  We stepped off the boat onto a restaurant a kilometer from the shore and selected each of the four large crabs we had for dinner.  Dessert?  One large Chang beer.  And what night out would be complete without seeing a monkey mom sleeping with her arms wrapped around a kitten?  (Check out my flickr pictures!)

Kata Noi Beach: Always a favorite!  Not too many tourists, gorgeous sand and crystal-clear water.  I’m soaking up as much sun as possible before the rainy season.

Plans for this week?  Teach my students letters Cc and Dd, familiarize them with the names of five body parts (ironic?), and to have another After Beach Bar mojito… on Wednesday.


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