This Could Really Be a Good Life

As I sit here eating some of Morgan’s leftover birthday cake for breakfast, let me recap the last two weeks in photos:

Afternoon mojito at After Beach Bar last Thursday with the Edgecumbes.

Dinner at The Natural with Carina last Friday night.

Hike up to Bang Pae Waterfall in northern Phuket last Saturday afternoon.

Afternoon drive up to Laem Promthep last Sunday.

Wai Kru (Thai Teacher Appreciation Day) at Kajonkietsuksa on Wednesday.

Sunset at Kamala Beach on Friday.

Scuba diving and a shark-themed cake for Morgan's 26th Birthday yesterday.

Other Highlights:

  • Gibbon Rehabilitation Project:  Phenomenal project working to reintroduce formerly abused gibbon monkeys to the wild.  Stopped in and donated money on the hike to Bang Pae Waterfall.
  • Scuba Diving at Phi Phi Island: Booked our first dive since we’ve been in Thailand in celebration of Morgan’s birthday.  On our 3-hour boat ride there, we spotted a whale shark!
  • Ordering the Cake: I found a great little bakery in Phuket Town to make Morgan’s birthday cake!  Combining the owner’s lack of English and my lack of Thai, I drew a picture of what I wanted the cake to look like.  What I drew looked like a rabid goldfish lying next to a stick person, but the ladies at the bakery were slightly more skilled.
  • K1 Kissing: During toothbrush distribution after juice box time, I watched as one of my cheeky 3-year-old students turned around and made kissy faces at the boy behind her.  In reply, he shrugged and they both leaned in.  I called out her name as their little lips were mid-smooch.  She looked up, annoyed, as if I had interrupted something and wiped the kiss off on her arm.  WTF?
  • ‘Pre-K, Pre-K!’: When my K1 students misbehave or consistently refuse to listen to the teacher, we threaten to take them back to Pre-K, the grade level they graduated from in order to get to K1.  Judging by their reactions, going ‘back to Pre-K’ is basically the equivalent of going to hell.  On Thursday during their Thai lesson, there was one little girl (Jadar) who just talked and talked and ignored the Thai teacher’s instructions.   The sentence?  An hour back in Pre-K.  The little girl began to scream and cry, but still refused to listen to the teacher.  So the teacher asked the rest of the 3-year-olds (in Thai): “What should I do with Jadar?”  Instead of having compassion for their little friend, all of my kids began chanting, “Pre-K, Pre-K” while pumping their little fists in the air.  …I could just as easily have seen my class of toddlers back at the Salem Witch Trials screaming, “Burn her at the stake!”  Nice, guys.

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One response to “This Could Really Be a Good Life

  1. Riley

    The good life indeed! It appears your time in good ol’ thailand has been significantly less strenuous than my adventures thus far in peru {though no less fantastic}. So glad you’re having a wonderful time. Stay there forever. I’ll come visit. Eating plenty mango and sticky rice?

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