K1 Watermelon’s Day Out

Today was an exciting day for my kindergarten class: it was their very first school field trip.

After learning about living and non-living things, singing butterfly songs and being read The Very Hungry Caterpillar countless times over the past 8 weeks, their prep work was done and it was time.  They were on their way to visit the Phuket Butterfly Garden.

After morning assembly, they lined up and headed toward the school van that would take them to see the butterflies.  They were so excited; nothing could stop them… not even vomit and a fever.  As I loaded the last of my kids into the school van, he puked all over the van floor, on my shoes and on the legs of a little girl who had the misfortune of standing in front of him as she waited to take her seat.  Luckily, the boy’s mother was seeing the van off and I told her that it would be much better to take him home and let him rest.

…I’ve never seen a little boy look so disappointed.

He started to cry, begging to be put back on the bus, not even tempted by the promise of watching Ben 10 (a very popular cartoon in Thailand) at home.  He desperately wanted to see the butterflies with his friends.  So?  The boy’s mom climbed in the van and she came along, too (on the condition that he would go home as soon as the field trip was over).

Donning hats and shades, they spent two glorious hours walking around the Phuket Butterfly Garden.  They saw cocoons, learned about silk worms and did everything in their power to escape from the group to find some butterflies to grind into the ground with their little sneakers.  I did my best to keep a constant eye on all 20 kids, but I am sure the butterfly garden staff amassed a small butterfly graveyard after the K1 kids left the building.



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2 responses to “K1 Watermelon’s Day Out

  1. I love love LOVE your blog!! What a cool and interesting way to keep up with what you are doing. I plan on starting mine up when I leave for Singapore. Send me your email playa!

  2. Troy

    hee hee hee this is so funny made me laugh out loud! Can just imagine the little devils crushing butterflies…

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