A Five-Star Affair

In celebration of our three years together (and this being the first anniversary that we’ve both been on the same continent), Morgan and I independently planned surprises for one another.  His surprise?  Dinner at Mom Tri’s – a five-star restaurant in Kata Beach that I’ve often fantasized about dining at with the rich and famous.  My surprise?  A night at the Imperial Adamas Beach Resort – a five-star resort in northern Phuket situated on the beach and with a Western breakfast that leaves no man hungry.

As a girl who still applies the five-second rule to food dropped on the floor dating a boy who doesn’t mind where he goes to sleep, it’s ironic that our independently planned surprises put the ‘pants’ on ‘fancy pants.’  Nevertheless, our combined surprises resulted in a spectacular Friday night/Saturday five-star affair.  Here is my review:

Our table on the rocks overlooking Kata Beach.

The view.

Paper lanterns in the tree above our heads. Illumination Thai style.

Upon walking down the stone steps to Mom Tri’s Kitchen, the first word I uttered was “Wow!”  Due to the fact that the restaurant is situated (literally) on the rocks in the surf, the view is absolutely breathtaking.  The deep blue-green color of the Andaman Sea complemented by lush mountains at dusk made for a perfect setting.

We were seated at our table, napkins placed in lap by the waiter as he handed us three large leather-bound menus: a wine menu, a Thai food menu and a Mediterranean food menu.  We ordered drinks as a bread plate with basil and tomato pastes was placed on the table.  For a starter, we ordered homemade duck spring rolls which were delicious.  The kitchen gave us complimentary duck wontons and the waiters literally refilled our drinks what seemed like every 10 minutes or so.

Then the main course: missing Florida Keys bisque, I had the Phuket lobster bisque.  Morgan went for something a little heartier and had the chicken prosciutto with pesto mashed potatoes and various types of local mushrooms.  Both were very tasty, but I think Morgan and I both agree it was the entire experience that makes Mom Tri’s so amazing, rather than simply the food.

After finishing the main course, we were completely stuffed, but the kitchen served us a small plate of sankaya fak thong (pumpkin custard, a traditional Thai dessert).  As Morgan asked one waiter for the bill, another waiter promptly brought us cool cloths to wipe our hands and a long red rose for me to take home.  Perfect touch.

Price: 1500 baht (approximately $50)

Our balcony (with daybed) overlooking the pool and facing the sea.

Our hotel room was bigger than our apartment!

One of three dining rooms.

Fountain walkway leading down to the beach.

Main pool linking to pool waterways connecting around the hotel...and the beach.

Something about this photo makes me wish everything was this beautifully simple.

Acknowledging the fact that many hotel websites are often misleading (i.e. posting pictures that aren’t actually of that hotel) and considering what a good deal I got online, I was a little nervous as Morgan and I navigated our way around the rural north of Phuket after dinner.  It was completely dark in some areas and barely lit in others as we made our way around farms and pineapple plantations.

As we approached what we soon realized was the Imperial Adamas Beach Resort, I knew I hadn’t been cheated.  It. Is. Stunning.  Even in the dark, the front of the hotel was an indication of just how fancy the resort is: stone walkways over huge, square ponds of coy fish.  We were politely led into a room to check in.  Upon entering, we were given cool cloths to clean our hands, served lemongrass tea and presented with lavender bracelets as a welcome gift.

An extended golf cart/van soon arrived at reception to drive us to our room.  As we opened the door to the hotel room, we noticed: hardwood floors, a large shower and separate bathtub made of small clear stones, a walk-in closet with bathrobes and slippers waiting to be worn and two wide sliding glass doors leading to a large balcony, complete with a daybed and pillows.

It took us a minute to figure out how to turn on the lights (all digitally-operated from what looks like an alarm clock on the side table), but once we had light, we donned our bathrobes and slippers and drank a glass of South African chardonnay (compliments of my forethought and planning).

The next morning, we wandered our way to the dining room to find a huge buffet breakfast – a large part of the reason I booked the hotel room (complimentary breakfast for two with the deal I found!).  Morgan tends to miss Western food when it comes to weekend breakfasts, so this was a perfect remedy: made-to-order eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, a variety of fresh fruits, yogurts, cereal, croissants, cinnamon buns, frittata, etc.

After breakfast, we made our way down to the main pool and beach and we camped out there for the rest of the day, finishing the wine and reading the newspaper while lounging in the sun.

Price: 1600 baht (approximately $53)

While I wouldn’t necessarily call our weekend ‘budget,’ we did manage to dine and sleep at two amazing places for $103.  There are restaurant and hotel deals for anywhere in the world just waiting to be found!  The hotel deal I found ends today (July 31, 2011), but is valid for anyone visiting between now and October 31, 2011.  Check it out if you’re coming to Phuket, but keep in mind that the hotel is in the middle of nowhere and generally for people serious about relaxing.  With that in mind, it’s an awesome stay.

So basically, a ★★★★★ kind of weekend.


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