Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt

Michelle and I finished the 30-Day Challenge!

That’s right… WE DID IT!

In a previous post (see The 30-Day Challenge), I blogged about attempting to complete 30 hot yoga classes in 30 days at Kata Hot Yoga.  This past Sunday morning, I completed my 30th class!  My friend Michelle (a fellow yoga student and a co-worker of Morgan’s at Satree Phuket School) also completed her 30th class.  The studio owner/yoga instructor snapped this photo of us as we tried to sneak into the shower room to rinse off before he took a photo which will soon be plastered on the wall behind us.  Fail.

To be completely honest, despite being new at yoga and out of shape to boot, I wasn’t worried about the physical demands of completing 30 days of hot yoga.  What I knew would be most difficult (and I proved to be right) were the logistics of sharing a motorbike with Morgan and getting to the studio on time for class.  Still, I feel a little cocky looking back and thinking I wouldn’t have days where I felt nauseated, dehydrated and just plain stiff.  Days where my half-moon pose looked as if I were just standing up straight and days when my full locust pose barely hovered an inch or two off the floor.

But all in all, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience and as long as my meager salary can afford it, I plan to keep practicing.  I’m far more toned than I’ve been in a while (arms, legs and core) and I lost about 5 pounds without changing my diet.  So if you’re not someone with an addiction to Oreos and peanut butter, imagine the possibilities!

Finally, the Kata Hot Yoga studio and staff are absolutely fantastic.  The instructors are helpful and encourage improvement without being overly pushy.  You can always hang out after class and drink cold coconut milk straight from a freshly-cut coconut while chatting to other people who come to practice. I definitely recommend it as a must-do for anyone who comes to Phuket.


Did I mention I got a t-shirt?


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