Tex and Lulu Come to Thailand

Tex and Lulu on their second night in Phuket

Since the moment Morgan and I decided to move to Thailand, his parents decided that they were going to come visit.

Six months later, here they are.

This is Tex’s first trip to Asia and Lulu’s first trip outside of Africa.  As such, they were both very excited and at the same time, didn’t really know what to expect.  When Morgan and I asked them whether they wanted to rent a car or a motorbike during their three-week visit, the decision was largely left up to Lulu.  A down-to-earth and yet very proper lady in all respects, Lulu had never ridden a motorbike and had also never expressed any interest in doing so.  Her answer?

“I want to experience Thailand like the people there live it.  Let’s rent a motorbike!”

…We kept car rental numbers handy, just in case.

And yet, Lulu surprised us all as she confidently hopped on the back of a motorbike the day after they arrived, child-size panda helmet strapped on.

The 'bikers' outside their hotel on Karon Beach.

Since then, Tex and Lulu have done so much eating (they did say that they wanted to live as Thai people do), driving and exploring.

Dinner at After Beach Bar in Kata

Visiting Big Buddha (45m tall) in Chalong

Morgan teaching Lulu how to use chopsticks at Noodle Man

Morgan, Lulu and I at the annual Vegetarian Festival in Phuket Town

Lulu looking out at the sea on our longtail boat ride to Coral Island

Tex and Lulu on a beach in Khao Lak

Stay tuned for more installments of The Adventures of Tex and Lulu in Thailand…



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2 responses to “Tex and Lulu Come to Thailand

  1. Candice

    Hi Kassie, so nice to see Lulu and Tex having such an amazing trip! Enjoy the rest of the time together. from Candice 😉

  2. Zayn Nabbi

    wow looks like fun, when you guys gonna host me lol

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