The Past Two Weeks in Photos

Thailand flooded. Northern Thailand was hit the hardest, but even down on the Andaman Coast, we had days and days of rain. Source: Lulu

Morgan's parents rode an elephant with this guy as their guide. Source: Tex

Morgan, Tex, Lulu and I took a boat trip out to the beautiful Phi Phi Islands.

Steve Jobs died. These are messages written in his memory by the people of Phuket, Thailand. Source: Morgan

After spending nearly three weeks with us, Tex and Lulu went home to South Africa. Source: Tex

... And I went back to teaching the last few days of summer school. The two weeks concluded with an Ugly Duckling-themed party for the kids.

Friday night dinner with friends at Suay Restaurant in Phuket Town.

A weekend roadtrip with Will and Greta landed us on some islands off the coast of Krabi. The water, the beach and the islands are some of the most beautiful that I've ever seen.

...And most of my one-week holiday I've spent at the beach.


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