I’m on a Boat! I’m on a Boat!

Source: Andre Westhelle

For the past three weekends in a row, Morgan and I have been – at some point – on a boat.

Despite the fact that both of us love to be on the water, it’s been less about the boat and more about my current approach to a social life: The ‘Yes’ Campaign.

I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of Jim Carrey humor, but like any product of the 1990s, I’ve seen most of his work – including Yes Man.  In the movie, Jim Carrey’s character is unable to stop himself from saying ‘yes’ to anything and consequently, his life is changed.  Dramatic, but that’s basically the premise of the movie.

Naturally, I took a life lesson out of this.  Not in the life-changing way, but at about the halfway mark of our year in Thailand, I decided that I wanted to spice things up a little.  We’d been having a fantastic time here already, but I wanted more and new.  More places, new friends, more adventures.  So I just said ‘yes.’

If and when we’ve been invited to anything in the past 6 weeks, I’ve said ‘yes.’   To everything.  I’ll even admit that I’ve stretched the ‘invitation’ to such that I’ve pretty much invited myself  to a few things (but this is Phuket, so few people acknowledge the difference anyway).  This new approach has landed Morgan and I on some pretty cool adventures and with truly fun-loving people.

But about the boats…

Weekend #1: Khao Sok for Geoff’s Birthday (see my post White People Love the Y-M-C-A)

Weekend #2: Sailboat to Phi Phi Islands for Tonya’s Birthday: This was my first time sailing on anything larger than a two-person Seacamp sailboat.  This was actually large enough to sail 30 people, a Thai buffet and many, many bottles of whiskey to some of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Phi Phi Don. Source: Vanessa Chan

Source: Vanessa Chan

Thai 'jacuzzi' on the sailboat. We were warned by the salty, sunburned captain to jump in butt first... otherwise your swimsuit would be pulled off by water rushing past. Source: Vanessa Chan

Girls picture. Source: Vanessa Chan

Weekend #3: Ko Lanta for Rachel’s Birthday: I’d never been to Ko Lanta, but after visiting, it reminds me of Ko Samui… or what Phuket might have been like back in the 1970s-1980s: wide roads, small pockets of businesses and a generally slower pace of life.  With friends and beach, it was a good lazy weekend away.

Ferry from Phuket to Phi Phi.

Beach cafe/bar outside our bungalows.


I fell in love in Ko Lanta.

Cruising around the island.

The Drunken Sailor, home to the island's best bacon cheeseburger and cinnamon honey latte.

I guess there’s really only one thing left to say:



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2 responses to “I’m on a Boat! I’m on a Boat!

  1. Riley

    your life does not suck these days.

  2. nice pics which inspire you for holidays

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