Fish, Faces and Yoga Pretzels

Kun-Kun was in absolute awe.

As my year teaching in Thailand nears its end, the thought of saying ‘goodbye’ is becoming more and more bittersweet.  On days when the biggest kid in my class poops in his pants because he didn’t feel like leaving his toys to go in the toilet, it seems pretty sweet.  On days when I get to cram myself, two teachers and our 27 kids into a 16-passenger van to later hear the kids squeal with delight and stare in wonder at every single fish in the Phuket Aquarium, the thought of leaving feels just a little too bitter.

Last Friday, the kids went on their second and final field trip of the year: to the Phuket Aquarium.  (*See earlier post, K1 Watermelon’s Day Out to read about what they did on their first field trip to the Phuket Butterfly Garden.)

The caravan of four-year-olds headed to the aquarium.

As was the case with the first field trip, the bus ride there proved most entertaining.  The kids made funny faces, called out (in English) the names of all of the places that they recognized and they tried their hardest to count all of the motorbikes on the road (many of them can only count to 10, so they quickly and triumphantly reached “10!” …and immediately started over).

Counting, yelling and making faces all at the same time!

When we arrived at the aquarium, the kids clambered out of the van and stretched their little legs.  I told them that only if they could be very quiet could we see all of the fish, as everyone knows fish are scared of loud noises.  As we entered what most adults would regard as a small and unimpressive aquarium, the kids’ jaws dropped.  Regardless, they had established their mission days earlier and they were going to stick to the plan: FINDING NEMO.

Nope, not Nemo.

A group search for Nemo in the grouper tank.

Sasha found Nemo!

The kids went crazy when they finally found Nemo somewhere in this tank.

With the FINDING NEMO mission completed, the kids looked into a few more tanks and then called it a day.  Before hopping back into the van, we went outside to have a snack and do some yoga pretzels.

This takes me back to my college days when I worked as a group fitness instructor...with only slightly bigger people.

And what field trip in Thailand would be complete without a quick prayer?

My three and four-year-olds praying with their Thai teacher.

Saying goodbye next Thursday is definitely going to be bittersweet.


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  1. Alexandria Baca

    Looks amazing. Where are you off to next?

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