Durban Days: Back in South Africa

Cruising around Durban in his car like when we first met.

Put simply, Durban is my second home.

Morgan and I started dating here in Durban (*see post An African Boy and an American Girl to read about our cross-continental beginning).  I have friends and a second family here in Durban.  I can even rattle off an extended list of my favorite Durban restaurants and coffee shops.  So naturally, this is where we returned after spending a year in Thailand.

We’ve only had two weeks to spend time with family, hang out with friends and readjust to living life at a faster-than-Phuket pace.  Judging from just a few photos, I don’t think we did half-bad.

Shopping at the Shongweni Farmer's Market with Morgan and Lulu.

Look at all that cheese! One of several cheese stalls at the farmer's market.

Guess who we found in Durban? Will and Greta treated Morgan and I to dinner at an authentic Thai restaurant here in South Africa.

Post-dinner drinks at a rooftop bar. How awesome is this girl?

Friends and former neighbors of ours when we lived in the Glenwood area of Durban. Catching up with Debbie and Travis in Dover Lodge.

What trip to Durban would be complete without lots of downtime with Tex and Lulu? Look at how much they love their boy.

Like any trip home, it’s never possible to see everyone and do everything that you’d like to, but it really has been a wonderful two weeks.  Now, it’s time for the next adventure.  This week I start working as the Project Coordinator for African Impact in Vilanculos, Mozambique!


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