My First Week in Mozambique

My first day of preschool in Africa.

I can hardly believe that I arrived in Vilanculos, Mozambique only seven days ago.  Here’s a recap of my first week working for African Impact.

 Tuesday, April 24th:

Flew in from Johannesburg (after a 25-hour delay) and moved into what will be my house for the next eight months!

Wednesday, April 25th:

Little Wilma taught me how to get water cans ready for hand-washing at the preschool.

Thursday, April 26th:

Went for the first of many visits to Bernard's Orphange. The kids there are incredible!

Friday, April 27th:

After a very intense beach clean-up, the preschool kids went for a swim!

Saturday, April 28th:

Day off: Taking some time to sit on the beach and do something very difficult...find internet!

Sunday, April 29th:

Horse safari on the beach? Yes, please!

Monday, April 30th:

Went for an run before work and watched the sun come up over the Indian Ocean.

Tuesday, May 1st:

Public Holiday! Rode in a microglider airplane over the Bazaruto Archipelago. It was abstolutely breathtaking!

Not a bad first week of work.


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One response to “My First Week in Mozambique

  1. Jus

    Aw, Kassie, you are such a camper!!!!! You’re living your dreams and I’m so proud of you and excited for you. What lucky, lucky, lucky little people they are to have you teach them.
    Craig says to be careful of the sharks (hahaha).

    Living a little bit of your dream through your blog. I love it!!!!
    Keep me dream-travelling.
    Phuket misses you x

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