Moz Days with Morgan

Scuba diving along Two-Mile Reef in the Bazaruto Archipelago.

The adventures of Kassie and Morgan continue!  After being delayed a week due to the combined forces of the U.S. and South African postal services, Morgan finally made it to Mozambique.

While he’ll only be staying for three weeks, we’re determined to make the most of his time here.  To be honest, the first week without him was hard.  The first two years of our relationship consisted of us being on two different continents, we lived together for a year and a half (in South Africa and then in Thailand) and now we are actually switching continents (I’ll stay in Africa while he heads to the United States).  It won’t be the longest we’ve been apart (I’ll see him again in December), but it’s a testament to us and also, our love of adventure.

For now, we’re just enjoying being together in Vilanculos.

Heading out for the first dive of the day.


Morgan working hard to clear more land for farming at the preschool this morning. He’s been so great with the kids.

Standing on top of a sand dune on Bazaruto Island.

The agenda for this weekend?  After working hard all week with a great new group of volunteers, Morgan and I are going to have a date night tonight with dinner and a movie (on laptop, of course) in a hotel by the sea.


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