Celebrating Dia de Criança

One of the toddlers at Bernard’s Orphanage who got caught in the crossfire of a sticker war on Children’s Day.

In many countries around the world (including Mozambique), June 1st is known as Children’s Day – a day to celebrate the youth of a country, the future of a people.

In Vilanculos was no different.  African Impact (kudos to my boss and friend, Sonja!) along with local Mozambican teachers and mothers made sure that the day was full of food, stickers and laughter for each and every child.

Source: Sonja

Source: Sonja

Making paper chains for decoration at the orphanage. They had so much fun!

Making paper fish out to decorate.

Singing songs as we play ‘Pass the Parcel.’

Orphanage kids eagerly awaiting sweets from Sonja.

And honestly, what kind of celebration would it be without some cake?


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One response to “Celebrating Dia de Criança

  1. Shirley Engroff

    They are so cute! I love the sticker face! Wish I could bake a cake for them.

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