My Life’s a Beach – Tofo, MZ

Breakfast on the beach at Mango Beach in Tofo, Mozambique.

Nobody’s life is perfect, but these days, mine often comes pretty darn close.

This past weekend, I turned a visa renewal trek into a roadtrip with two girlfriends I’ve met since living here, French and Dutch respectively.  We ventured out of Vilanculos for the first time and took a trip to Tofo, a lazy beach town popular with backpackers, located about four hours south of Vilanculos.

Our trip included three long chappa rides (16-passenger vans that commonly squeeze 25-30 inside at the firm request of the driver and his lackey), two ferry rides and one day-long stroll on the endless stretch of beach which is Tofo.

Add to this one four-course meal, some serious shell-collecting and a fantastic tan and you could easily say that my life is a beach.

Our arrival in Tofo town center.

Did I mention that the chef who prepared this makes his own chocolate?

Saturday morning sunrise over Mango Beach.

My two travel partners, Caren and Yvane, were determined to find the most beautiful shells ever washed in from the Indian Ocean.

One of the largest pieces of coral I’ve ever seen outside of the ocean.

We stopped for a seafood lunch at a South African-owned bar on the beach.  A fantastic view!

On Sunday morning, just before leaving for Vilanculos. Even a cloudy day at the beach is breathtakingly beautiful.


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  1. Shirley Engroff

    Jealous … again!

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