I ♥ Food

This page is dedicated to my first love: food.

I ♥ food of all shapes, sizes, colors and origins. As I come across interesting and tasty cuisine throughout my travels, I will post pictures and corresponding descriptions.

You never know what’s good until you try, right?

2/14/2011: An experiment in red velvet. Red velvet cupcakes, cream cheese frosting and halved strawberries to top it off.  Made these in Durban, South Africa.

4/10/2011: Spring Rolls and Imperial Spring Rolls…some of the best I’ve ever had!  Ate these at Starfish and Coffee in Fisherman’s Village, Bo Phut, Ko Samui, Thailand.

4/15/2011: Grilled squid on a stick… calamari!  Ate these while walking around the Friday night market at Fisherman’s Village.

4/26/2011: Table-top Korean BBQ pork. My first Korean BBQ experience while taking a break from the job hunt. Ate this in Chalong.

5/13/2011: Noodle Man bowl of ramen, dumplings, pork, crackling and vegetables. Found this at a noodle stand outside a 7-11 in Phuket Town. I eat this at least twice a week!

6/5/2011: Green curry with braised beef, squash and chillies. Ate this over jasmine rice at Suay Restaurant in Phuket Town.

6/25/2011: Morgan’s Birthday Cake – Made in Thailand. Buttercream cake with a shark on top. Ordered this from a family-run bakery in Phuket Town.

7/4/2011: Roadside veggie samoosas, fried balls of dough and corn fritters! Ate these while indulging in Indian food in Penang, Malaysia.

7/15/2011: ‘Golden Bags’: Flash-fried wontons with pork, potato and coriander inside. Ate these at a restaurant in Khao Lak, Thailand.

7/14/2011: A colorful tart with veggies and prawn tucked neatly into a crispy shell. Ate these at a restaurant in Khao Lak, Thailand.

8/12/2001: A Bloomin’ Onion and Cheese Fries.  Ate these at an Outback Steakhouse in Bangkok. Nothing new or inspiring, but so damn good.

10/6/2011: Thai-style homemade potato chips.  I’ve been eating these at markets and street festivals since I moved to Phuket.

10/29/2011: Traditional pad thai. A very common dish, but when eaten seaside on an island in Thailand, nothing could be better.

10/29/2011: A large grilled red snapper seasoned only with sea salt and served with sweet chili sauce for dipping. Morgan had this at a restaurant in Rawai and has been raving about it ever since.

10/30/2011: Chicken fried rice. I know, nothing special, but for the equivalent of a dollar AND it’s served in the shape of a heart, why not?  I always eat this for dinner in Kata after yoga.

11/24/2011: Thanksgiving dinner in Thailand. Roasted chicken, yams, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, bread and butter. Ate this with friends at Michelle’s house in Chalong.

11/24/2011: Pumpkin pie.  Is there anything better? Ate this (with whipped cream) for Thanksgiving dessert with friends in Chalong.

12/5/2011: Cinnamon honey latte. I was missing the holiday-inspired coffee drinks from back home and found one in Ko Lanta at the Drunken Sailor.

12/5/2011: Coconut shrimp tempura with spicy mango salad. Ate these as an appetizer at Siam Indigo in Phuket Town.

12/5/2011: Mango creme brulee with vanilla ice cram. Ate this for dessert at Siam Indigo in Phuket Town.

12/7/2011: Kobe beef sliders with all the fixings. At these at Pavilions 360 in Laguna, Phuket.

12/24/2011: Peanut butter blossoms! Made these cookies for Christmas in my tiny oven that burns everything – Phuket Town.

12/27/2011: Bacon cheeseburger with fries and homemade bun! It may not seem like something special to most, but in the Muslim region of Thailand, it’s a (Western) miracle! Ate this at the Drunken Sailor in Ko Lanta.

12/27/2011: Penang-style chicken curry with steam rice wrapped in bamboo leaf. Ate this as part of a 6-course dinner at Time for Lime in Ko Lanta.

12/27/2011: Red curry chicken fillet with cashew nuts and morning glory. Ate this as part of a 6-course dinner at Time for Lime in Ko Lanta.

1/10/2012: Crispy yellow noodles with chicken and morning glory in gravy. Ate this at a small Thai cafe in Phuket Town.

1/11/2012: Yellow curry with chicken, pineapple, basil and thin slices of red pepper. Eaten this a number of times at Kopitiam in Phuket Town.

3/12/2012: Rice with spicy chicken tendon, fried egg, spicy shredded chicken, peanuts and tempe. Ate this at a roadside warung in Bali, Indonesia.

3/13/2012: Various types of Balinese coffee, including the world-famous kopi luwak coffee. Sampled these at a coffee plantation in Bali.

3/30/2012: Happy Hummus! Snacked on delicious hummus and falafel in a colorful bar in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

3/31/2012: Penang moo (Thai for ‘pork’) with peanut sauce, fresh basil and red peppers.  One of my favorite dishes while living in Thailand.

4/20/2012: A Bean Green Cappuccino. The best coffee in Durban, South Africa!

5/2/2012: Spanish Paella! Made by my Gibraltarian friend/African Impact volunteer in Vilanculos, Mozambique.

5/13/2012: Best mocha in Vilanculos, Mozambique found at Kilmanjaro Cafe!

6/8/2012: Extra rich organic chocolate cake with nuts topped with coconut shavings. Served with raisins, banana slices, homemade raspberry drizzle and all-natural Mozambique honey to decorate. Prepared by an Italian-trained South African chef in Tofo, Mozambique.

6/20/2012: Bunny cappuccino from Dooma in Kloof, South Africa.

6/29/2012: Flapjack Stack (three pancakes, bacon, banana and syrup) at Thyme Square in St. Lucia, South Africa.

7/5/2012: Bacon and avocado on toasted Italian bread for breakfast.  Ate this at Spigadora’s on Florida Road in Durban, South Africa. Bacon and avo = best combo ever created.

8/2/2012: Fried vanilla ice cream with sesame seeds, drizzled with honey and chocolate sauce.   Ate this at Green Mango in Durban, South Africa.


2 responses to “I ♥ Food

  1. Shirley Engroff

    Good idea since red velvet is essentially chocolate and who can go wrong with strawberries & chocolate! Where are the banana cupcakes?

  2. This looks amazing!!!! super jealous! Hope all is well Kassie!

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